children’s remote learning questionnaire report -2021

Children are happy using Showbie as a platform for remote learning; they find it easy to navigate and enjoy the variety of formats that they can submit their work. Having a flexible timetable has been beneficial for the vast majority of children and has help encourage independence and child’s responsibility for managing their time. Children stated that they have received regular feedback
from adults in their year group and generally the majority of children said that the amount of work set is manageable.
Children have really missed their friends and the social contact that a school setting provides. They have really appreciated the video calls where they can see their friends. Response to the drop in
sessions has been mostly positive with small amounts of children stating that they did not find it useful – however the benefit of working with smaller groups online has allowed for an opportunity
of more face to face contact where necessary.

parent’s remote learning questionnaire report -2021

The results of our remote learning questionnaire for parents are exceptional. Our parents are happy with the remote learning offer. Parents have enjoyed the structure of a timetable with morning calls to start the day while appreciating the flexible timetable, allowing families to adapt children’s learning to routines that suits them. Parents have been extremely supportive and grateful for teacher’s hard work. Parents have expressed the need for social contact and outdoor activities.

Evaluation of Bowerham School Parental Questionnaire 2019

The results are again overwhelming positive with 95% of all parents agreeing to all questions and strongly agree receiving at least 70% in each question; this is again year on year improvement statistically.