PIVATS Assessment

Raising standards of achievement within an inclusive education system is an essential expectation for all pupils. All young people in our school have the right to receive an education of the highest quality which is appropriate to their needs and aptitudes. They should have every opportunity to develop skills which will help them to contribute effectively to an increasingly complex and changing society. They should achieve their full potential, regardless of special educational needs or disabilities, social or other contextual factors – and their achievements should be recognised.

Assessing small steps of attainment, setting challenging but realistic targets and tracking pupil achievement and progress are essential to this process. PIVATS is a Lancashire initiative that provides a structured approach to assessing, planning for learning, tracking and measuring small steps in attainment- focusing within the PIVATS structure on small steps within the P scales up to the revised national curriculum Y4 age related expectations.

When assessing attainment, tracking and setting learning targets for pupils whose performance lies outside national expectations, certain principles should underpin the process. Schools need to demonstrate that they are closing the gaps between those pupils whose needs are additional to or different from other learners and their peers in the same year group. In order to do this, teachers need to be secure in their assessments of these pupils and be able to identify and address any gaps in pupils’ knowledge and understanding. PIVATS provides a clear assessment framework to enable practitioners to do this.

Below is the conversion table for the scaled scores that are sent home on the PIVAT progress and Achievement Trackers. Your child may also be tracked through other areas of the PIVATS, such as Attention. This will be reported on through the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) process and evaluations.

Bowerham Year Group Tracker PIVATS Stage




Early Years Development P7e 11
P7d 12
P7c 13
P7b 14
P7a 15
P8e 16
P8d 17
P8c 18
P8b 19
P8a 20
Bridge-e 20.16
Bridge-d 20.33
Bridge-c 20.5
Bridge-b 20.65
Bridge-a 20.8
Year 1- Emerging One-1e 21
One-1d 22
One-1c 23
One-1b 24
One-1a 25
Year 1- Developing One-2e 26
One-2d 27
One-2c 28
One-2b 29
One-2a 30
Year 1- Secure One-3e 31
One-3d 32
One-3c 33
One-3b 34
One-3a 35
Year 2- Emerging Two-1e 36.5
Two-1d 38
Two-1c 39.5
Two-1b 41
Two-1a 42.5
Year 2-


Two-2e 44
Two-2d 45.5
Two-2c 47
Two-2b 48.5
Two-2a 50
Year 2-


Two-3e 52
Two-3d 54
Two-3c 56
Two-3b 58
Two-3a 60
Year 3- Emerging Three-1e 60.7
Three-1d 61.3
Three-1c 62
Three-1b 62.7
Three-1a 63.3
Year 3-


Three-2e 64
Three-2d 64.15
Three-2c 64.3
Three-2b 64.45
Three-2a 64.6
Year 3-


Three-3e 64.75
Three-3d 64.9
Three-3c 65.05
Three-3b 65.2
Three-3a 65.35
Year 4- Emerging Four-1e 65.5
Four-1d 65.65
Four-1c 65.8
Four-1b 65.95
Four-1a 66.1
Year 4-


Four-2e 66.25
Four-2d 66.4
Four-2c 66.55
Four-2b 66.7
Four-2a 67.2
Year 4-


Four-3e 67.7
Four-3d 68.2
Four-3c 68.7
Four-3b 69.3
Four-3a 70