Bowerham Kids Club

Bowerham Kids’ Club provides term time wraparound provision for the children of Bowerham Primary and Nursery School. We also provide holiday provision for children from the local area.

Breakfast Club: We open at 7.30am and we provide a range of breakfast items, such as cereal, toast, fruit bread, pancakes, yoghurts, and fruit, until 8.10am. The children can access quiet activities such as Lego, books, drawing and outdoor play until 8.30am. Staff will then take children to their classrooms. Breakfast Club cost £4.50 per child, per session.

After School Club: All children are collected from their classroom and then registered at Kids’ Club. While children are at Kids’ Club, they have access to a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. We aim to provide a safe and secure space for children so that they can explore and engage in activities that meet their needs and interests. After school club closes at 5.55pm and cost £8.75 per session, per child.

Early Year provision: Nursery and reception children remain in the nursery building until 4.30pm and then come up to the main after school. Working in partnership with school we provide a child centred environment for children to learn and play.

Parental Survey: During the summer term parents were asked to complete a survey regarding the level of provision and session cost. The overwhelming feedback from parents was that although they would understand an increase in session cost it would impact the number of sessions booked. Over the last year we have noticed a change / a reduction in session use for many parents. This was particularly noticeable when we were unable to open on two Inset days due to insufficient bookings. Many parents have reduced the number of sessions that they are using for the academic year 2023-24.

As such we have looked at ways in which we can reduce costs, maintain quality, and still provide affordable and sustainable childcare.

  1. Breakfast and after school club fees will remain the same.
  2. Breakfast Club: £4.50
  3. After School Club: £8.75
  4. We will no longer open on Inset days.
  5. Holiday club session cost has increased to £25 per day, £23 for siblings.
  6. Holiday club will only open if we have a minimum of 35 children attending per day. Holiday club bookings will close two weeks before event.

Registering for Kids’ Club: We would advise parents to book as early as possible to secure sessions. For term time use, parents are asked to re-register in April for the following academic year. For nursery and reception parents we advise that once your child’s place has been confirmed at Bowerham Primary and Nursery School that you contact Kids’ Club as soon as possible to book your child’s place. We are a very popular and extremely busy breakfast and after school club with some days having very limited availability.

 Holiday Club Provision: Kids’ Club is open for the following holidays. Please note that we do need a minimum of 35 children attending per day.

  • October Half Term: 23rd – 27th October 2023
  • February Half Term: 12th – 16th February 2024
  • Easter: 2nd April – 12th April 2024
  • Summer: 22nd July – 16th August 2024

Holiday Activity Food Programme: We have made the decision that we will not be applying for the HAF funding in the future. Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to offer free sessions at holiday club.

 Communication: Please can we remind parents that if you need to amend session use, if your child will be absent or that your child will be late (attending another club in school) that you inform Kids’ Club directly so that we are able to amend our registers. This is to ensure the welfare and safety of children.

Additional information can be found at

To book a place with Bowerham Kids Club directly please go to their page

Casual Club: In partnership with Bowerham Primary and Nursery School there is a casual Club that parents can use for ad hoc sessions or emergencies at short notice pending spaces (we have 10 spaces per day) on a first come first served basis. Priority will be given to families who want to sign children up for clubs but do not have care for their siblings. You can sign your child up for the duration of the club up to 1 term maximum.  This is open Monday to Thursday until 5pm. If you require after school club after 5pm you will need to book directly with Kids’ Club. Children will still attend the Kids’ Club provision and with an additional member of school provided.

The cost will be £4.50 per session payable on ParentPay and bookings must be made directly with the school office in advance of the session. The club runs from the end of the school day until 5.00pm.  Children will be collected from class by Bowerham Kids Club staff under their procedures.

If you do not arrive to collect your child by 5.00pm they will automatically transfer to the Bowerham Kids Club register and this will incur their charges.