Our school is a two-form entry school and has 60 children in each year group made up of two classes of 30.

Since 1st November 2021 Local Authority schools are no longer able to offer places to parents directly.  All applications must be submitted to the local authority Pupil Access team. The in-year admission form can be found on the LCC website using this link https://www.lancashire.gov.uk/children-education-families/schools/apply-for-a-school-place/changing-schools-during-the-school-year/

If you are successful in your application we will be informaed by the local authority and we will then contact you to arrange a start date.

Pupils transferring from another school will be asked to inform their current school of their intention to move, we will then contact them to arrange a transfer date and organise any transfer of records and other information.

For a detailed explanation of how we deal with oversubscriptions and a clear explanation of our admission criteria, please see the LCC admissions policy on our policy page.

Our Policies

Below is a table which shows how many available places there are in each year group


Year Group Spaces
Reception 0
Year 1 0
Year 2 2
Year 3 0
Year 4 0
Year 5 0
Year 6 0


If you would like to be added to our waiting list for a place please complete the request for places form found below and send it in to us. We contact all applicants via email to inform them if we have a space then they can apply using the process detailed above.

Request for Places Form

Nursery Admissions

For a detailed explanation of our nursery admission criteria, please see the LCC policy listed on our policies page

Our Policies

If you are enquiring regarding a nursery place for you child, please complete the forms below and return either paper copy  to the school  office or email back to admissions@bowerham.lancs.sch.uk


Nursery Booking form application