Online Safety


Children’s safety when they are using the internet is of utmost importance to all of us at Bowerham and we devote time to teaching our children about the need for being safe online.


With increasing use of the internet and apps both inside and outside of school, it is critical that we work together to be confident that we know what are children are doing online. We believe that a joined up approach between school and home is the best way to keep our children safe and we also believe that we need to arm our children with enough knowledge to make good decisions about their online safety and behaviour. Above all we want and expect our children to be responsible online citizens.


We hope that the information that we provide on these pages helps you increase your knowledge of the online world in which are children are active. We will provide you with up to date information from a variety of reputable sources as well as links to resources provided by these organisations.


We have broken down this information to be relevant to the different key stages, please go to the relevant page to access content appropriate to the age of your child.


Below you can find links to organisations which a prominent in ensuring online and internet safety. We really cannot stress how important it is for you to familiarise yourself with the content of these organisations: we use their resources when we have internet safety week in school the online safety arm of CEOP (see below) child online safety and online protection command (part of the national crime agency) the nspcc provide a wide range of information to help keep children safe online Lancashire County Council’s online safety page Helping to make the internet a great and safe place for children. Advice, tips and resources for parents and carers, teachers and young people online safety with a family focus information for adults as well as children