The Morecambe Bay Curriculum

The Morecambe Bay Curriculum was set up in 2020 in collaboration with Eden Project North, Lancaster University and Lancaster and Morecambe College.

The Morecambe Bay Curriculum focuses on the health and wellbeing of the eco system, and opportunities for future sustainable living, learning and working.

The programme is rooted in the unique place where we live; its people, its natural environment, its history, its future and its stories. It nurtures a deeper, richer understanding of and care for Morecambe Bay.

We are living in a time of unprecedented environmental, social and economic challenges that we witness at a global scale and experience within our communities. The educational approach for Morecambe Bay responds to these challenges by putting community and environment at the forefront so that we apply learning to and from our local situation. Our ambition is to prepare our children and young adults to be changemakers and innovators, active in ecological regeneration and positive social change. This approach will provide opportunities for children and young people to make a difference within their places of learning, the community of Morecambe Bay and the wider world.

Morecambe Bay Curriculum – Lancaster University

Below are some examples of what the children have been working on recently as part of this approach.

Where the Wildings are

Where the Wildings Are! is part of the FoodFutures network. It works with staff and pupils to redesign school grounds; swapping tarmac and mown grass for trees, sensory wildlife gardens and organic food growing.

The project aims to;

  • Develop a healthy living programme within the schools where the produce grown is used to help feed pupils, staff and their families.
  • A curriculum that teaches horticulture, ecology, botany and conservation through a hands-on as well as theoretical approach.
  • Create the physical infrastructure and calendar necessary for outdoor learning.
  • Provide the physical framework necessary for the head, heart, hands approach to environmental learning which is central to the Eden Project North and Morecambe Bay Curriculum from birth to 24 and also the Permaculture curriculum (Lusi Andersloe Children in Permaculture)
  • Enhance opportunities to teach a wide range of subjects – including PSHE, maths and literacy in creative settings.