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On this page you can find details of the Governors of our school. Governors are there to ensure that the staff are carrying out their duties properly. They meet for a full governors meeting once each term and there are two main committees – Community and Curriculum and Resources, which also meet each term. These meetings are either face to face or via Zoom.  All governors serve a 4 year term of office following their election.

If you are interested in becoming a Governor in the future please use the link for further details of what a governorship entails

Mr David Knight

Co-opted Governor appointed by the Governin Body. Date of appointment 13/01/2019. No interests declared

I am a former Deputy Head of an inner urban Secondary School (retired in 1994) and a former company director, now retired, of a medium sized facilities management company, servicing many schools and other organisations in both the public and private sectors.
I was born in Devon, raised in Sussex, went to Leicester University and then spent the next 50 years living and working in the culturally diverse London Borough of Brent. When I retired from teaching I became Chair of Governors of two primary schools and continued to be a governor of both until in 2016, I moved to Lancaster to be near my family.
I am totally committed to raising standards in schools (I have worked with "failing" schools, both as an "additional governor" at schools in "special measures" and an education consultant in several London boroughs) and supporting good schools, such as Bowerham, to get the resources/funding required to always seek to improve their offering.
I know what it is to live in poverty (as a child, I was brought up "downstairs" in a typical "upstairs/downstairs" household) and this - together with extensive travel in Europe, North America, the Caribbean (I worked there for 6 months), Africa and the Middle East - has led me to believe that all schools and society itself should value and wholeheartedly support "inclusiveness".

Tamsin Kind

Co-opted Governor appointed by the Governing Body. Date of appointment 13/01/2019. No interests declared.

I became a Co-opted governor for Bowerham School in January 2019. I have been involved with the school since my eldest daughter started reception in 2012 and currently have 3 children attending the school in Year 1, 3 and 6. I work as the Stroke Therapy Team Lead at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary. We are a team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and technical instructors delivering rehabilitation to Stroke patients both within the hospital and in the community. As part of my role I manage approximately 20 members of staff. I am a keen runner and swimmer and enjoy being outdoors. I am very keen as a governor to get involved in health promotion, increasing physical activity and healthy eating, encouraging interest in science and health careers and encouraging everyone to be kind to themselves, each other and the. Environment.

Miss Laura Denison

Staff Governor elected by the staff. Date of appointment 23/02/2023. No interests declared.

I joined the Bowerham Family in 2012 as an NQT and have move through my career to become one of the Assistant Head teacher of a place that feels like home. I currently lead the Pastoral Team and support the daily running of the school. I lead the Professional Development team and believe strongly in supporting teachers early in their careers. I love working at Bowerham Primary and Nursery School, and by serving the children, families and the community linked to our unique school I believe we can make a difference.

Miss Louise Attewell

Parent Governor elected by the parents. Date of appointment 26/04/2023. No interests declared.

I am a parent to 2 children in school; a son in year 5 and daughter in year 4 both of whom started in reception and have loved every year since!

I am a full-time senior social worker within the local Regional Adoption Agency primarily working with families who have adopted children and are seeking additional support. Through this role I have experience of supporting families of children with SEN and EHCP's along with a range of emotional well-being and mental health difficulties. Part of my work is to link in with therapeutic agencies, other local authority teams and universal services to identify support for children and their families.

As a parent I support my incredibly active children to attend various sport groups and community activities and resources such as football, athletics and karate clubs. We embrace the local area and enjoy discovering more about the place we live through attending events and walking our family dog!

I am passionate about supporting the well-being and achievements of children and ensuring all young people can have a happy, safe and fulfilled childhood. I think as a local mum and through my professional role I will be able to bring knowledge and experience that will support the school to continue the amazing work they do in encouraging and empowering our children to achieve and be happy.

Joanna Young Governor

Mrs Joanna Young

Chair of Governors and Co-opted governor appointed by the Governoing Body. Date of appointment 12/11/2021. No interests declared.

I’m a parent at Bowerham School with two children, in years 6 and 4, and I’ve been a Governor at Bowerham for around seven years. I’ve really enjoyed learning and understanding how schools work, and getting an insight into a sector so different from my own which is Head of Client Services which I have found particularly valuable.

I work as an Account Director for a marketing agency, working with clients in all kinds of sectors on their communications and marketing, and I’m also Chair of Trustees at a local Foodbank where I do quite a bit of campaigning work around issues to do with poverty and social exclusion. I hope this might be useful in the context of both schools comms and anything I can do to understand the issues concerning our more vulnerable pupils (As Chair I am child protection governor). I’m really keen to keep learning and to support staff and Jo, and work with school to continue to provide all our children with an outstanding education at Bowerham.

Jane Shepherd

Parent Governor elected by parents. Date of appointment 28.11.22. No interests declared

I am a parent at Bowerham Primary School with one child currently in Year 2.

I am a qualified teacher and I have taught across the Early Years and Primary Key Stages. For the last 14 years I have worked as a primary music teacher specialising in Early Years and KS1 across several local authorities.

I recently changed the direction of my career and I now work for Blackpool Virtual School as the Education Officer for Our Children (children looked after). I am a passionate advocate for disadvantaged and vulnerable parents, families and their children and I hope that my skills in this area, and education, will support Bowerham Primary School.

It is a privilege to be a parent governor. I am proud to support the whole staff team at Bowerham to support the local community and deliver an outstanding education for all pupils.

Mrs Rebekah Redmile

Parent Governor elected by the parents. Date of appointment 21/10/2020. No interests declared.

I am passionate about supporting the local community and there has never been a more critical time to do so. I am a breastfeeding support mentor, mother of two and have a background in education and the arts. In 2013 I graduated from university with a degree in three-dimensional design and for several years following this I ran a successful jewellery business. Before returning to Lancaster I worked as a Design Technology technician and as a TA with SEN children. This time gave me a good insight into the workings of high schools and I hope that my new role as parent governor will enable me to gain a greater knowledge of the running of primary school systems. My eldest child has just started in reception (and absolutely loves it) and my youngest will follow in a few years meaning that I will be involved with Bowerham Primary School for many years to come! The passion and drive of the staff at this school is incredible and I plan to work with the other governors to support them with the work that they do and challenge when necessary to ensure that this school continues to be the nurturing and aspirational school that it is.

Mrs Katy Dickinson

Parent Governor elected by the parents. Date of appointment 31/10/2022. No interests declared.

With three children already very happy at Bowerham and my youngest due to join them in a few years, I am committed to supporting the school for some time to come. Having seen the energy and commitment of the teaching and support staff from a parent's perspective, I am glad to have the opportunity to contribute by volunteering as a governor.

My 23-year career as an officer in the British Army included providing vocational training to junior soldiers, and through this I have seen the effect well-designed and delivered education can have: directly, in improving performance and skills; and indirectly by improving communication and confidence. It also highlighted how significant the impact is when individuals fall behind in their early years and consequently how critical primary education is. Having also seen how pivotal an opportunity to try something new can be for an individual who has struggled academically, I have been impressed by the effort the school puts in to offering additional activities and clubs, and the priority they have given to ensuring that they are accessible to all.

I hope to be able to use the skills and experiences gained from my previous employment and wider interests to support the Bowerham team as they continue to deliver a child-focused and holistic foundation for diverse future successes.

Mr Craig Smith

Co-opted Governor appointed by the Governing Body. Date of appointment 13/01/2019. No interests declared.

As a co-opted governor and parent of 3 boys at the school, I hope to make a difference to the school through a combination of my personal drive for high performance and achievement, whilst utilising my 20+ years of corporate commercial and supply chain experience.

From my time at Kellogg’s, Nestle and now at Warburtons I have led teams on various matters of commercial management including finance, negotiation, business planning, IT systems, strategic goal setting, communication and engagement.

My hope is that as a member of the governing board my experience and skills can complement those of the other governors to ensure as a collective we achieve the best for the school, pupils, teachers and parents.

Dr Pete Thomas

Co-opted Governor appointed by the Governing Body. Date of appointment 13/01/2019. Father of Teacher Alex Thomas. No interests declared.

I have been a governor at Bowerham for more than 20 years, firstly as a parent governor and then as a co-opted member. I work at Lancaster University in the Management School and teach and research Human Resource Management and Organisation Studies, experience which is really helpful in understanding how the school works and how resources can be used most effectively. I am currently researching organisational wellbeing and this includes work within the school looking at teacher workload issues.

Geraldine Pollock co-opted governor at Bowerham School

Mrs Geraldine Pollock

Co-opted Governor appointed by the Governing Body. Date of appointment 05/07/2017. No interests declared.

I have worked at Bowerham Primary and Nursery school for over twenty years, where I have a number of roles and responsibilities. Primarily I work in Key Stage two, where I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching and supporting the children.
Over the last ten years I have also been the Senior Lunchtime Supervisor of a large team of staff. I have overall responsibility for the development and smooth running of our ICT department and co coordinating the vast number of volunteers we have in school.
I am immensely proud of my achievements at Bowerham and consider myself a valued member of the Bowerham Family. I feel very committed to the success of the school and enjoy being a part of the Governing Body; which I have been involved with for the last fifteen years. The post of School Governor is one which gives me the opportunity to share my own knowledge of education alongside other people’s expertise, and to strive in continuing to make our school a place where all children are given the best possible opportunities to develop and grow within a safe and nurturing environment. As such a long standing governor I have been part of Bowerham’s continued improving journey and believe I offer an experienced vision of life at Bowerham for staff and children.
I have over twenty five years of retail management experience. During the weekend and school holidays I manage a local charity shop and coordinate the deployment of volunteers. As an NVQ assessor I also source funding for volunteers and give them the opportunity to undertake retail management qualifications.
In my spare time I am a keen crown green bowler and love spending time with my grandson and stomping in the countryside.

Mrs Joanne Banks

Headteacher. No interest declared.

This is my eleventh year of headship at Bowerham Primary and Nursery school. I came with a range of leadership experience as an existing headteacher; I have worked as a teacher in Lancashire for 25 years. During my teaching career I have regularly taken on the role of Governor and found this to be insightful and has made a made a huge impact on my leadership to date. Being a school Governor brings me into contact with like minded people who are focused on ensuring the very best education for all our pupils. School Governors often come from a wide range of backgrounds, bringing a wide range of experiences and this, for me, is the exciting part of the role. The critical challenge that different member of the governing body bring ensure that our school continues to reflect, improve and grow, this is pivotal to our school aims and ethos.

Mr Dan Baxter

LEA Governor. Date of appointment 30/11/2022. No interests declared.

I am a parent of two children at Bowerham, currently in Year 3 and Reception. I have previously been an LEA appointed Governor at another school in Lancaster, so when the opportunity arose to support my children’s own school, I was really excited to get involved.

I studied Educational Research as a Post-Grad at Lancaster University and throughout my career have always worked in the areas of young people and education. I currently work as a Manager for the Government’s national youth programme, overseeing engagement and communication with schools and colleges across the country. I’m hoping to bring my experience of training governors, writing policy and procedures and building relationships to engage community partners to the role, whilst continuing to learn more about how our school works.

I became a Parent Governor at Bowerham just as the COVID-lockdown was starting in 2020. It has been a privilege to support an extraordinary staff team who constantly go above and beyond, and I’m looking forward to continuing to support them in delivering an outstanding educational experience for the Bowerham family in the years ahead.

Ben Hanley

Co-opted Governor appointed by the Governing Body. Date of appointment 25/11/2021. No interests declared.

I am a parent of two young boys who both attend Bowerham, in Reception and Year 2. When the opportunity arose to join the governing body, it seemed like the obvious next step in me supporting the education of the children in the local area. This is my first time being a governor, and I'm keen to see where I can help and how I can add to the Bowerham Family.

I have a strong interest in child protection and deprivation, after spending almost a decade in the emergency services in Lancashire, and hope to learn more about how the school focusses on these issues. I was driven to apply to join the governing body after seeing the strong leadership and commitment to children that the school demonstrated, during the pandemic.

I currently own two digital agencies which keeps me at the forefront of new and emerging technologies. As part of my work with the governing body, I hope to be able to help solve problems and save time through the use of IT.

Simon Oakley

Parent Governor elected by the parents. Date of appointment 25/11/2021. No interests declared.

I am a parent of one child in reception, with another to join the school in a few years. I became a parent governor at the first opportunity that arose once my child started school, I intend to be actively involved in school life in any way that I can.
My day job is as a research scientist investigating the impacts of land-use and climate change on greenhouse gas emissions, so having an eco-school link is very aligned with my interests. I hope my skill base of investigative thinking, attention to detail, and project management can benefit the Bowerham family and governing body as it continues to provide an outstanding setting for educating the next generation.

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