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On this page you can find details of the Governors of our school. Governors are there to ensure that the staff are carrying out their duties properly. They meet for a full governors meeting once each term and there are two main committees – Community and Curriculum and Resources, which also meet each term. These meetings are either face to face or via Zoom.  All governors serve a 4 year term of office following their election.

If you are interested in becoming a Governor in the future please use the link for further details of what a governorship entails

Co-opted Governors | Bowerham Primary & Nursery School & Baby Unit, Lancaster


NEW Co-Opted Governor opportunities | Primary Education | Lancaster | Unremunerated.


Join the governing body of a local primary school with a reputation for innovation, inclusivity and success, supporting them as they continue to help their pupils to Stand Tall, Reach High & Love Learning.

Bowerham Primary and Nursery School and Baby Unit serves the children and families within the community of Bowerham in Lancaster with over 420 pupils currently on roll. We are proud to nurture aspiration, inspire a love for life-long learning and prepare children for a changing society.

We are currently searching for two new co-opted governors to join our governing body. We hope to find candidates who can share in our passion for education and our determination to equip our children with all the skills they will need to live happy, healthy and successful lives.

We are particularly interested in candidates with expertise in the areas of education finance, community development and marketing. As a school that celebrates our local diversity, we encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds to join our board, to better reflect our communities and welcome different thinking on our board, ensuring we include all voices of our society.

To be part of a very successful, happy school which nurtures our future generations, and to be a part of a dedicated, supportive governing body, message Dan Baxter to learn more about the opportunity on

If you wish to apply please email your letter of application to

Craig Smith

Chair of Governors Co-opted Governor appointed by the Governing Body. Date of appointment 13/01/2019. No interests declared.

As a Co-opted Governor and a father of three students here, I'm dedicated to enhancing our school's environment. My background spans over 20 years in corporate roles at notable companies like Kellogg’s, Nestle, and Warburtons, where I've led teams in commercial management, finance, negotiation, business planning, and IT. My aim as part of the governing board is to utilize these experiences to complement the efforts of my fellow governors. Together, we strive to achieve the best outcomes for our school, focusing on the welfare and success of our pupils, teachers, and their families.

Tamsin Kind

Co-opted Governor appointed by the Governing Body. Date of appointment 13/01/2019. No interests declared.

I joined Bowerham School's governing body as a Co-opted Governor in January 2019, having been connected to the school since 2012 when my eldest daughter started. I currently have three children in Years 1, 3, and 6. Professionally, I lead the Stroke Therapy Team at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, managing around 20 staff in delivering rehabilitation. Personally, I'm passionate about running, swimming, and outdoor activities. As a governor, my focus is on promoting health, increasing physical activity and healthy eating, fostering interest in science and health careers, and advocating for kindness towards ourselves, each other, and the environment.

Laura Denison

Staff Governor elected by the staff. Date of appointment 23/02/2023. No interests declared.

I joined Bowerham in 2012 as an NQT, growing into an Assistant Headteacher role at this school that feels like home. I lead the Pastoral Team and contribute to the daily operations of the school. Additionally, I head the Professional Development team, focusing on supporting new teachers. My passion for Bowerham Primary and Nursery School drives me to serve our children, families, and community, believing in making a meaningful difference. Furthering my community involvement, I've recently become a trustee for Lancaster and Morecambe Citizen Advice. This role enhances my connection to the community and deepens my understanding of local needs.

David Knight

Co-opted Governor appointed by the Governing Body. Date of appointment 13/01/2019. No interests declared

I'm David Knight, a Co-opted Governor since 2019, with a background as a deputy head and company director. Retired since 1994, I've focused on improving schools, particularly in challenging situations. My upbringing in a modest household and extensive global travel have shaped my commitment to inclusiveness in education. I've lived in Brent, London, and now Lancaster, near my family. My experience includes leadership in failing schools and consulting roles. At Bowerham, I'm dedicated to securing resources and raising standards, leveraging my diverse experiences to support the school's mission.

Louise Attewell

Parent Governor elected by the parents. Date of appointment 26/04/2023. No interests declared.

I'm Louise Attewell, elected Parent Governor in 2023, with a son in year 5 and a daughter in year 4. As a senior social worker in a Regional Adoption Agency, I have extensive experience supporting adoptive families and children with special educational needs. I'm passionate about child well-being and mental health, often collaborating with various agencies for family support. My involvement in community activities and sports with my children further connects me to our local area. I aim to use my professional and personal insights to support our school's mission of nurturing happy, safe, and successful children.

Jane Shepherd

Parent Governor elected by parents. Date of appointment 28.11.22. No interests declared

As a parent at Bowerham Primary with a Year 2 child, I bring diverse educational experience. Initially a primary music teacher, specializing in Early Years and KS1, I've recently pivoted to working for Blackpool Virtual School as an Education Officer. Here, I focus on supporting looked-after children. I'm deeply committed to advocating for disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals. As a parent governor, I'm excited to use my expertise to contribute to Bowerham Primary, supporting the staff and community in providing outstanding education for all pupils. It's an honor to be part of this team.

Dan Baxter

LEA Governor. Date of appointment 30/11/2022. No interests declared.

As a parent of two children at Bowerham in Year 3 and Reception, and a former LEA appointed Governor, I'm thrilled to support my children's school. With a Post-Grad in Educational Research from Lancaster University, my career has centered around youth and education. Currently, I manage a national youth programme, focusing on engagement with schools and colleges. I aim to contribute my expertise in training governors, policy writing, and community engagement to Bowerham, especially after becoming a Parent Governor during the challenging COVID-lockdown period. I'm committed to supporting our exceptional staff and enhancing the educational experience for the Bowerham family.

Katy Dickinson

Parent Governor elected by the parents. Date of appointment 31/10/2022. No interests declared.

I have four children very happy at Bowerham: three in school and one at nursery. Since becoming a Parent Governor, I have valued the opportunity to better understand how the school runs behind the gates. I spent 23 years as an Army Officer, specialising in logistics and HR. The later part of my career focused on planning and assurance. I sit on the Resources Committee where I hope to use this prior experience. I am committed to supporting the school to deliver the best primary education experience they can for all children at Bowerham, navigating emergent difficulties and celebrating success.

Dr Pete Thomas

Co-opted Governor appointed by the Governing Body. Date of appointment 13/01/2019. Father of Teacher Alex Thomas. No interests declared.

As a governor at Bowerham for over 20 years, starting as a parent and now a co-opted member, I bring valuable experience from my role at Lancaster University's Management School. Specializing in Human Resource Management and Organisation Studies, my expertise aids in understanding school operations and effective resource utilization. My current research focuses on organisational wellbeing, including studies on teacher workload within the school, contributing significantly to Bowerham's educational environment.

Geraldine Pollock

Co-opted Governor appointed by the Governing Body. Date of appointment 05/07/2017. No interests declared.

With over twenty years at Bowerham Primary and Nursery School, primarily teaching Key Stage two, I've also been the Senior Lunchtime Supervisor and head of ICT. I'm proud of my role in the school's growth and as a long-serving governor, contributing my extensive educational and retail management experience. Outside school, I manage a charity shop, supporting volunteers with retail qualifications. My personal interests include crown green bowling and spending time with my grandson in the countryside. My commitment to Bowerham's success is unwavering, aiming to provide a nurturing environment for staff and students alike.

Joanne Banks

Headteacher. No interest declared.

In my fifteenth year as headteacher at Bowerham Primary and Nursery School, I've brought extensive leadership experience from a 30-year teaching career in Lancashire. Serving as a Governor has been insightful, significantly influencing my leadership approach. Interacting with governors from diverse backgrounds is invigorating, as they bring varied experiences to the table. This diversity is crucial for our school, as the governing body's challenges and perspectives drive our reflection, improvement, and growth, aligning perfectly with our school's aims and ethos. Being a part of this process is a key aspect of my role and commitment to providing the best education for our pupils.

Simon Oakley

Parent Governor elected by the parents. Date of appointment 25/11/2021. No interests declared.

As a parent of one child at Bowerham and another joining soon, I became a parent governor at my first chance. I'm deeply involved in school activities. In my professional life, I'm a research scientist studying land-use, climate change, and greenhouse gas emissions, making the eco-school link a natural fit for me. I bring skills in investigative thinking, attention to detail, and project management to the governing body, aiming to enhance Bowerham's educational environment. As chair of the resources committee and overseeing health and safety, I'm committed to contributing to the school's success in educating future generations.

Ben Hanley

Co-opted Governor
Appointed by the Governing Body
Date of Appointment : 25/11/2021.
No interests declared.

As a parent of two boys at Bowerham in Reception and Year 2, I joined the governing body to further support local children's education. My background in emergency services in Lancashire has sparked my interest in child protection and deprivation. Motivated by the school's leadership during the pandemic, this is my first governor role. I also own two digital agencies, keeping me updated on new technologies. I aim to use my IT expertise to help solve problems and improve efficiency for the Bowerham Family, eager to contribute and learn more about the school's focus on key issues.

Eve Elliott

Parent Governor elected 05/02/24 - no interests declared

I consider myself a champion in education for children affected by trauma. Leading an independent school, I aim to create safe, nurturing spaces where each child feels valued, supported and equipped to thrive. I have a commitment to reengaging young minds using innovative programs tailored to individual needs. I am an advocate for inclusive environments that prioritise emotional well-being alongside academic success. With two children at Bowerham School, my dedication is personal, fuelling a mission to ensure every child receives the highest quality education. I aim to provide unwavering compassion and a relational perspective that celebrates diversity and unlocks the potential within each child.

Membership & Committees

Our Governors form a number of Committees and you can see which governors are members of which committees by clicking on the link below.

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Governors attendance at meetings

You can see a record of attendance at meetings from our Governors by clicking on the link below.

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Scheduled Meetings

Please find dates and relevant documents below. Minutes of governors meetings are available on request from the school office but please note that some items are confidential to protect either HR issues or the identification of children and their families where appropriate.

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