Bowerham Community Challenge

The children at Bowerham will be setting themselves, you as parents and members of our school community a very important termly challenge. For the challenge to succeed everyone will need to get involved!

Our first challenge is all about spending quality time with our children- connecting, talking, playing, having a healthy home and being part of a community are the top 5 things that ALL children need in order to thrive. See below for a short video that explains the reasons why it is so important to connect, talk and play with your child! Please note: this video is aimed at parents of children between the ages of 0-5 years, however we feel that it is still very relevant for all parents to listen to.

Please see below for some more top tips and ideas to use when talking to your child-

25 Ideas for Parents to Get Bowerham Talking

Small_Talk_FINAL- useful information for parents with children from birth to five years