Bowerham C.P. and Nursery School

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1st September 14

Welcome to Bowerham Community Primary School and Nursery


Our school serves the children and families within the community of Bowerham in Lancaster.

It is a large, very successful and happy school where staff, children and parents work hard and do the best they can.

Year 6 Leavers


Goodbye to our wonderful year 6! You have been a fabulous year group and a credit to our school. You will always be part of the Bowerham School family and we hope that Bowerham School will always be a part of you!

Good luck in the future and always be the best you can be.

Stand Tall........ Reach High.........Love Learning!

Class Teachers 2014/15


Headteacher - Mrs Jo Longworth

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Sarah Fisher

Nursery - Miss Kathryn Ireland (Assistant Headteacher & leader of EYFS)

Rec -     Mrs Carolyn Pottinger (reception leader)

            Mrs Lucy Baxter

Year 1 - Miss Laura Denison (year 1 leader)

            Miss Heather Dawson

Year 2 - Mrs Janine Turner (year 2 leader)

            Mrs Samantha Whiteley

Year 3 - Mrs Becky King (year 3 leader)

             Mr Alex Thomas

             Mrs Adele Wilkinson

Year 4 -  Mrs Rachel Dyer (year 4 leader)

             Miss Danielle Richardson

Year 5 -  Mr Nick Haughton (year 5 leader)

             Miss Becky Culkin

Year 6 -  Mrs Lucy Bouweraerts (Assistant headteacher)

             Mr Karl Hodder (year 6 leader)

Mission Statement


Our Staff and Governors have worked extremely hard on creating a new ‘strap line’ and ‘mission statement that really encompasses our school:

Stand tall, reach high, love learning.

The Bowerham School community is proud to nurture aspiration, inspire love for life-long learning and prepare children for a changing society.

Our Values Statement:

At Bowerham School we:

  • Enable every child to achieve their potential through
    a broad and creative curriculum
  • Teach children how to work independently and collaboratively
  • Encourage honesty, trust and responsibility
  • Respect differences in gender, ethnicity, religion and ability.
  • Challenge through the provision of fun and adventurous activities
  • Nurture children’s confidence and self-esteem

This 1/2 terms value is: Teamwork