Bowerham C Primary and Nursery School

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21st September 17
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We are currently introducing a brand new webiste so therefore only key information will be updated at the moment.  Please bear with us.

Welcome to Bowerham Primary and Nursery School


Our school serves the children and families within the community of Bowerham in Lancaster.

It is a large, very successful and happy school where staff, children and parents work hard and do the best they can.

We had a great "Just Talk" launch this morning (14.09.17). Thank you to all those who came. The feedback was great- "really enjoyed it", "love the topic", "lots of scope for ideas". The change to "Just Talk" and "Just Write" has been positively received by all. Please see the picture below and the animation used in the launch and get talking!



The government is introducing new ways to help parents with childcare costs. 
Whether you have toddlers or older children, you could get support.

For further information and to check your entitlement, please follow the link below.


Head Teacher's Awards


Well done to everyone who has received this terms Head Teacher's award. 



Or download our very own Bowerham guide with directly-linked hyperlinks.


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Bowerham Nursery Class for children aged 2-4 years


Mission Statement


Our Staff and Governors have worked extremely hard on creating a new ‘strap line’ and ‘mission statement that really encompasses our school:

Stand tall, reach high, love learning.

The Bowerham School community is proud to nurture aspiration, inspire love for life-long learning and prepare children for a changing society.

Our Values Statement:

At Bowerham School we:

  • Enable every child to achieve their potential through
    a broad and creative curriculum
  • Teach children how to work independently and collaboratively
  • Encourage honesty, trust and responsibility
  • Respect differences in gender, ethnicity, religion and ability.
  • Challenge through the provision of fun and adventurous activities
  • Nurture children’s confidence and self-esteem


This 1/2 terms value is: