Dear Rota Kids,

Keep helping your community!


Have a great summer!

Mrs Steel

Welcome to 2021/22 everyone!

Rota Kids are here!

We have ran out of time – but really want to raise money for WATER AID. We will be ensuring this charity , which all the children in school have voted for , will be helped in the next academic year!!!

Summer Term we have:

  1. Raised money for Animal Care by selling popcorn in school for two weeks!
  2. Donated food to the Olive Branch
  3. Donated animal food to Animal Care

Spring Term we have:

  1. Contributing to the Queens Jubilee event planning
  2. Helped the homeless with donations
  3. Collected food for the Olive Branch
  4.  Litter picked locally with the Friends of Greaves Park

This term we have:

  1. Re designed the Rota Kid circle
  2. Raised money for the children in hospital over Christmas – our selection boxes are really appreciated!
  3. Helped the homeless with clothes and presents for Christmas.

Community Activities  

Want to do something to help the local community?

Help the Rota Kids ! 

Whether Rota Kid or not – come and collect a full Smarties tube from school and then once eaten – fill with some coins and return to school so that the monies can go to a worthy local cause.

Local Litter Picking

What about going on that walk with the children and litter picking as you go? Need a special litter picker ? School has 10 to loan out – take a photo of the rubbish you have collected and send it in to Then just pop the rubbish in the bins provided.


Bowerham Rota Kids 2020 – 21

We are back in operation but are working quietly !!!!!

In Summer we are hoping to:

Issue herbs and wild flower seeds

Rota Kids will send a small selection to the older generation in care homes around Lancaster and ask them to grow them for us! Once grown, we will pop them in our wildlife garden and when allowed invite them all in to come and have a look at school, their plants and enjoy some entertainment !

Litter Pick With Our Families


So far this year we have:

Helped The Homeless

Collect and donate small personal items for the homeless in readiness for Christmas. Thank you to all those who helped with this collection – it really was appreciated.

Helped The Olive Branch

Kind donations from yourselves also helped us  to donate food that was in desperate need to families here in Lancaster. We also managed to donate some selection boxes to bring a little Christmas Cheer.

Helped Children In Hospital Over Christmas

Happily, the Rota Kids also managed to donate selection boxes to the children in hospital at the RVI again this Christmas. We are told that the children really appreciate them and that they help to spread a little joy.

Thank you to everyone who has helped, wrapped, donated gifts! You are all amazing!